The conscious choice for what is important to you, determines your course and your evolution.

Purpose & Fulfilment

What drives people who lead a passionate life? What exactly do they do differently?
And how do you (re)discover passion and pleasure in all facets of your life?
And what is the job that really suits you and gives you energy?

  • What is the deeper purpose?
  • What brings fulfilment to life?
  • What is your true passion?

The Quest tm



Roughly between the ages of 28 and 63, most highly educated professionals undergo one or several intense phases of reflection and evaluation. At a deeper level we connect to different parts of our personality, that oftentimes seem to contradict each other. According to C.G. Jung, these apparent contradictions within us require harmonisation.

The process in which apparent contradictions within us are harmonised is also known as self-actualisation. The results of one's willingness to engage in this process can be described as:
discovering meaning and purpose,
connecting to our full potential,
realising deep growth, and
experiencing fulfilment and joy.  

Personal Leadership

The Quest is a personal development program designed for self-actualisation in the first place. Among many things, the program results in a deeply authentic career path and above all: personal leadership. Personal leadership is the basis for professional leadership that inspires and contributes to the ‘actualisation’ of the organisation.

The Quest is designed for those who want to get most out of live; for people who want to be an architect in the human adventure!


Our vision is based on the belief that man is fully equipped, and responsible, to determine his life. Deep change takes place at deeper levels of consciousness. That is why The Quest aims to develop awareness above all, instead of teaching tips & tricks.


The foundation of the program is formed by restoring and strengthening selfconnection, trust and responsibility. The Quest uses a powerful mix of proven methods and techniques. Translations have been made from various human and behavioural sciences, communication, philosophy as well as business. This has resulted in the following programs:


Personal Journey

The Advanced Program
Self Connection Retreat

Outside clears the inside.

We believe that experiences in nature are a way to awareness.
It supports developing clear insights. Therefore nature and it’s
powerful beauty are embedded in all our programs.

What more?

In addition to abundant discoveries, The Quest above all is an adventure that results in a leap into your personal growth. You will experience clear insights, break through dysfunctional patterns, experience meaning, build your self-esteem and create the life that best suits you.

The stimulating approach will help you to build a strong foundation for the realisation of your plans. Furthermore, the program offers you effective tools for improving your relationships, communication, health, inner compass and career.

Everything is possible with connection

Let’s talk and discover what The Quest can do for you.

Dare to dream and receive
infinite perception

- Enlargen your world -