We enrich awareness of leaders so
they can awaken those they serve.

Moods are contagious

How do you inspire your people in a time of fierce competition and economic pressure?
How do you develop the full potential of your team - and yourself? And how do you create a mood of dedication, pro-activity, (customer) friendliness and pleasure?

Experience shows that a leader can be a powerful instrument for sustainable organisational change, i.e. transformation. At the same time, it is clear that being a good leader is not the same as being a good manager.

Among many things, leadership is the art of serving and creating functional moods. Nutritious moods that positively influence the organisational climate. Moods that lead to harmonious relations, a deeper sense of trust and more willingness to take on and bear responsibility.


This approach to leadership has been translated into an intensive development program for professionals. We’ll focus on learning how to create pro-activity and a vital organisational climate, based on personal authenticity instead of tips and tricks. The program develops leadership awareness en teaches how to empower connection, trust and responsibility.


You will develop your natural competences within the four leadership contexts:

Social and organisational awareness
Communicative mastery

Leadership developmenttm


We use a model of multidisciplinary methods: the Trinfinity™.
This approach is a powerful mix of proven methods and techniques in one well-arranged toolbox. Translations have been made from various human and behavioural sciences, communication, philosophy and business. The methodology distinguishes three processes:


I. Explore:
discovering personality and possibilities, understanding the deeper meaning and secrets of leadership, breaking dysfunctional patterns.
II. Envision:
creating a personal vision and mission, setting the professional course.
III. Experience:
integrating powerful methods and techniques, experiencing the full potential.


Change is a given.
Awareness determines
‘how’ we change.

Training, Executive Coaching en Personal Journey

Our leadership program is usually part of a change plan with a bigger scope. In addition to these in-company training courses, we also offer leaders a personal program: Executive Coaching.

Executive Coaching is a 1-on-1 management development program. Fourteen intensive sessions are aimed at creating personal and professional breakthroughs. Part of the program can be followed as a Personal Journey.
A leadership assessment is used as a baseline measurement for all program forms.

Everything is possible with connection

Let's talk and see what leadership development can do for you or your organisation.

It's one thing to have sight.
It's another to have vision.

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