Life is an infinite mystery
with incredible possibilities.

Fundamentals: vision, mission & culture

People are fully equipped, and self-responsible, to live a fulfilled life. Insufficient awareness oftentimes limits us from discovering opportunities for growth and becoming who and what we really are.


We understand that true success for both individuals and organisations is not measured by profit or material gain. Rather,
it is the cultivation of a deep connection, trust, and responsibility within ourselves, and between all involved. These three elements are in constant interbeing, creating a dynamic current that flows throughout the entire system.


At SELIOS, we recognise the importance of nurturing this current to create a positive impact on the world. By focusing on empowering connection, trust, and responsibility, we help actualise people and organisations. Our approach nourishes this current, creating a vital and nutritious environment for growth and transformation to occur. Thus we can achieve deep and meaningful success that benefits all.


SELIOS is a boutique consultancy for people and organisations, specialising in change. Our mission is to empower development of people and organisations

Realising our mission, we offer change programs, journeys, training, consultancy and coaching programs.


Our style can best be described as dedicated, original, pure and to the point. Our guiding principles are reflected by our core values: Connection, Trust, Responsibility, Passion and Craftsmanship.


Fear destabilises and eventually
freezes us. Trust empowers us
and enables movement.


Fear destabilises and eventually
freezes us. Trust empowers us
and enables movement.


The relationship with our inner compass
and the 'systems’ we belong to.


We empower connection, trust and
responsibility. This stimulates actualisation
of people and organisations,
and makes them become fully alive.

For who we work

We choose to be counselors and mentors for people and organisations who have the courage to look at their bright side, as well as their dark side. This implicitly means that we don’t like to just ‘please’ you. We do like to think along, as well as to invite you to perceive reality from different perspectives. We’re open and prefer to share our interpretation without sugarcoating it.

Everything is possible with connection

Let's talk and explore what we can do for you.

If the doors of perception where
cleansed, everything would
appear to man as it is: infinite.

—William Blake

- Enlargen your world -