Nothing changes if the
mindset doesn't change.


The effectiveness and results of an organisation are determined by numerous factors. Perhaps the most influential factor is the extent to which employees act in accordance with the fundamentals of the organisation, i.e. the vision, mission and culture.


The senior management of the organisation is primarily responsible for the fundamentals. Their behaviour and performance are therefore quintessentially important. The extent to which senior management acts congruently in accordance with the fundamentals, is the leading example for the rest of the organisation.


Congruent behaviour is determined by the degree of connection with, and confidence in, the fundamentals. As well as the management’s willingness to take on, and bear responsibility for realising the fundamentals.


Furthermore congruent behaviour is strongly influenced by the extent to which management team members have a close connection. A connection based on:
deep trust and respect,
a priority to team interest instead of individual agendas,
decisiveness, committed action and accountability.
Connection, trust and responsibility shape the most essential dynamic within groups. They are the keys to highly effective teams.

Team Alignment Journeytm


A Team Alignment Journey is a group process in which senior management of an organisation reinforces the most essential dynamic within groups: the current of connection, trust and accountability. Journeys result in 'alignment': a situation in which the highest organisational objectives are jointly pursued, from a sense of togetherness, energy and joy.


A seamless connection between people and processes, drivers and behaviour, wishes and actions.

Shared Experience & Shared Purpose

During a Team Alignment Journey, big steps are taken in a relatively short and intensive period that under normal circumstances would take months - if not years. The intensity of our daily work is temporarily blocked. This creates space for reflection and a recalibration of contact between team members.

An inspiring and natural environment makes a strong positive contribution to the result of group processes. Enriching sessions are therefore mixed with hikes and beautiful landscapes.


Important are safety within the group, professional guidance and a clear process. We don't believe in tips & tricks. We prefer to rely on proven programs with a clear start and a clear ending.

Since 2005 the Team Journey program has been used successfully for teams that are willing to achieve the fundamentals of the organisation. Practice has shown that participants feel permanently enriched, both personally as well as professionally. These new experiences and in-depth insights will further strengthen the group's potential and increase its power and effectiveness.

Everything is possible with connection

Let's talk and see what team development can do for your organisation.

A team is not just a group
of people working together.
A team is a group of people who
feel genuinly connected,
who trust each other and who are
willing to take on responsibility for
a common goal.

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